Here's your chance to be the boss!


Kids! Are you ready to run your own business and have fun at the same time?

Lemonade Day is a Free, fun program where you learn to run your own business - a Lemonade Stand! When you join Lemonade Day you will learn all the skills you need, pair with a local business location, earn money, give back and so much more!

If you are in kindergarten or a higher grade, you can join Lemonade Day.

How Lemonade Day Works:


Your parents Register you for Lemonade Day (Please Visit Our MENTOR PAGE for a full list of participating Lemonade Day towns for 2024)


You will come to Lemonade University (visit our Mentor Page for a full list of Lemmy University Towns), where our instructor will give you a backpack with an awesome Lemonade Day workbook, or access to the My lemonade Day App, that will help teach you everything you need to know to set goals and make a plan for your Lemonade Stand.  Best of all, you don't have to work your business plan alone, our instructor will guide you through all the steps. 

At  Lemmy University class you will talk about things like choosing a business partner, selecting a local business location for your stand, designing your stand, developing your Lemonade recipe, practicing food safety, advertising, creating a budget and so much more!


You will build your Lemonade Stand, perfect your lemonade recipe, find a local business to pair with for a high traffic location for your stand and put all your Lemonade University lessons to work.  One of the most unique and wonderful things about joining Lemonade Day is that you get the opportunity to partner with local businesses in your participating Lemonade Day town and "rent" a business location for your Lemonade Stand.  This means you will get to setup your stand in a busy part of town where you will be able to attract lots of customers to your business.


On Lemonade Day - June 15, 2024, you and all the other participating kids across Northern Alberta will set up Lemonade Stands and run your businesses for the day! You will keep all the profit you make, allowing you to practice the important Lemonade Day lesson of spend some, save some and share some.

You Can Win Prizes!

When you participate in Lemonade Day  you also will have a chance to WIN PRIZES for - Area Best Entrepreneur, Area Best Tasting Lemonade, Area Best Lemonade Stand and Regional Entrepreneur of the Year. In addition when you complete the program and submit your final business results you get entered in a draw to win a NEW BIKE!

Join the FUN!  Sign Up for Lemonade Day!

You’ll learn all the important skills you’ll need to make a profit so you can …

save a little
share a little
spend a little
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