One Million Young Entrepreneurs Need One Million Mentors

Lemonade Day inspires people to step up and DO SOMETHING by leading a child in their lives through the steps of starting, owning and operating their very own business – a lemonade stand! Then we come alongside and provide the tools, encouragement, and support they need to have a great mentoring experience.

2024 Lemonade Day FAQs - Click below for a short video to answer all your Lemonade Day questions! 

What is Lemonade Day?

How can my child participate in Lemonade Day?

When is Lemonade Day in 2024?

How much does Lemonade Day cost to participate?

How can local businesses get involved and support Lemonade Day?

Are there prizes for Lemonade Day participants?

Can schools or community organizations participate in Lemonade Day?

How can I stay updated on Lemonade Day events and news?

Is Lemonade Day a fundraiser?

Is Lemonade Day only for kids interested in business?

What do I do at the end? How do I turn in my results?






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92% of mentors felt their youth showed improvement in their communication skills.