Attention all teachers and youth organization leaders!

Lemonade Day is even in the classroom! Follow the strategic step-by-step process to get your students involved in entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

Lemonade Day is the perfect after school club, or whole class experiential learning, hands-on project. If you are looking for a relief from the standardized testing season, Lemonade Day is a project that fits the bill!

 Teacher and school incentives for student participation! 

Ask us today about bringing Lemonade Day to your students!


Here are just a few of our partners!

“Lemonade Day is changing the trajectory of our country one lemonade stand at a time. Having strategic national partners like you is critical to take Lemonade Day to scale, impacting at least 1 million youth with the life-changing experience of starting, owning and operating their very own business – a lemonade stand.”