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Lemonade Day 2020


2019-2020 Season

  • February 27, 2020 – Lemonade Day Kids Pitch Event at Station Houston 5:30-7:30pm

    •  1301 Fannin St Suite 2100 Houston, TX 77002 

  • March 7, 2020 - HTX Market + Eureka Heights + Lemonade Day 12-6pm

    • Lemonade Day with the highlighted benefiting non-profit at this event. We will have a lemonade stand run by participants of our program, gathering registrations, plus fun craft and games for the Kids! 

    • 941 W. 18th St. Houston, TX 77008


  • March 28, 2020 – Best Tasting Contest at Children’s Museum of Houston  has been CANCELLE

  • March 12 - April 3, 2020 Virtual Contest

    •  #LemonArt2020 Contest "All Things Lemon" Entry details under activities tab

  • Lemonade Day Houston's "Achieve your Dream" by running your business is extended into the Summer - More details to come soon!

  • May 30, 2020  – End of Season Celebration at Constellation Field with The Sugar Land Skeeters!   6:05pm

    • Discounted Ticket Info **Coming Soon**

2020 Mentor Training Day

Lemonade Day Houston // 2855 Mangum Suite 108, Houston, Texas 77092 10:30am-11:30am , 2/8/20
10:30 AM

An event for parents and community members who would like to get involved with our organization, mentoring the kids of Houston to be the next generation of entrepreneurs!

We will run through our program and give you the information to sign up and mentor youth in your local neighborhoods. (your family, friends,schools, churches, boy scouts and girl scouts groups etc)

How will this program benefit youth?

In addition to the knowledge they learn through the Lemonade Day lessons, children who participate in the program experience a surge in self-confidence. After participating, many children will, for the first time, see a whole new world of possibilities for their future.

Lemonade Day Kids Pitch Event at Station Houston

Station Houston 1301 Fannin St Suite 2100 Houston, TX 77002 , 2/27/20
5:30 PM

10 Teams & Expert Mentors, 1 Awesome Day!

Lemonade Day sparks the spirit of entrepreneurship and empowers youth to set goals, work hard, and achieve their dreams.

A pitch event for future founders, this event will feature 10 groups who've spent the week working with real-life mentors to create their very own small business - a lemonade stand!
They will pitch their business, a lemonade stand, to judges and 3 winners will win prizes!

To sign up your youth and to be considered as a participant in the event, please go here:

(individuals and groups are welcome to enter)

(if you have trouble accessing the form please email )

-5:30-6:00pm - Check-in/Networking
-6:00-7:30pm - Pitches & Feedback, Winner Selection, Photos


About Station Houston: 

Station Houston aims to transform Houston into a world-leading hub for technology innovation and entrepreneurship. This vision unfolds as a vibrant community where people live, work and play, with Station serving as the connective tissue fostering our culture of innovation.

We launched in March of 2016, and haven’t slowed down since! Our membership now includes over 180 startups, 350 members, 130 mentors, and dozens of high-impact strategic partnerships with corporations that represent the key industries driving Houston’s economy. We’ve tripled our office space, our team has grown to 12, and we’ve begun investing in some of our most promising startups.

Lemonade Best Tasting Competition // CANCELLED

UPDATE: CANCELLED // Children's Museum of Houston // 1500 Binz Houston, Texas 77004 , 3/28/20
11:00 AM

Lemonade Best Tasting Competition 2020 has been CANCELLED



Which entrepreneur's lemonade will win the taste test?

Come out and support Lemonade Day Houston's young entrepreneurs as they compete in our annual Best Tasting Contest!


1st, 2nd & 3rd place Winners will be selected!

Prizes for each winner will be awarded plus a Best Tasting Winner Certificate which can be displayed on your stand Lemonade Day Weekend! 


To Register your youth as a participant in this event:

1) They must be registered through Lemonade Day Houston.
To Register go to

2)Email Karen at with Contestant Name, Age, Area of Town you Represent, Stand Name & Slogan
Plus the answers to the following:

What makes your lemonade special?

Why should you be selected to participate in the Best Tasting Contest?

(Note: Details about the event & what to bring will follow.)


Lemonade Day Houston - Supporting Young Entrepreneurs!

Save the Date - Lemonade Day Houston 2020

10:00 AM

We can't wait to see all of our young entrepreneurs in 2020. Mark your calendar for next year's Lemonade Day Houston - May 2, 2020.

Save the Date - Lemonade Day Houston 2020

10:00 AM

We're making a weekend out of it! Lemonade Day Houston will also be held on Sunday, May 3rd. If you can't participate on Saturday, make plans to set up your stand on Sunday. Better yet, double your profit and set you stand up both days!