Help Us Empower Today’s Youth to Become Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs!

Lemonade Day is a unique opportunity for sponsors to present their services in an atmosphere of fun and community goodwill; helping youth to learn financial responsibly and ultimately teaching today’s youth to become tomorrow’s business leaders.

Lemonade Day is an incredible way to reach over 10,000 households of engaged adults and kids in Houston.

The success of Lemonade Day relies on all members of the community
coming together for a common purpose...

to train the next generation of entrepreneurs, civic leaders and engaged citizens. 

The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

At its core, the Lemonade Day program helps kids thrive by building 26 of the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets®.  Studies of more than 2.2 million young people consistently show that the more assets young people have, the less likely they are to engage in a wide range of high-risk behaviors and the more likely they are to succeed. Assets have power for all young people, regardless of their gender, economic status, family or race/ethnicity.

To find out about enhanced sponsorship opportunities contact us at houston@lemonadeday.org 

More than 40 million new jobs were created by small businesses over the past 15 years. That’s two out of every three jobs that were created by start-up companies.

Did you know?
In 2022, an estimated 10,000 kids will participate in the largest free community-wide entrepreneurial program in Houston.
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