Featured Entrepreneur - Meet Katrina

As many parents know, kids will surprise you. At Lemonade Day, we see this every year. Kids become excited about their stands and achieve some amazing results. With so many stories of success from Lemonade Days across the U.S., it’s always difficult to decide on just one National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year. And 2015 was no different.

In fact, we probably should have called it the International Youth Entrepreneur of the Year (or maybe North American Youth Entrepreneur of the Year… we’re still working on it!) Our finalists came from California, Texas, and Canada. But there could only be one winner, announced at the 2015 Lemonade Day City Directors Conference. And the winner is…

Katrina Lawrence from Lemonade Day Killeen/Fort Hood!

Katrina went above and beyond during her 2015 Lemonade Day. Partnering with Killeen I.S.D.’s Homeless Awareness and Response Program (H.A.R.P.), Katrina raised $1,500 to purchase 300 books for homeless children in her area. She also didn’t limit her operations to only one day or just one location. Katrina had her stand at a ribbon cutting ceremony, a Sam’s Club, and the Killeen Mall. Her drive and commitment to helping others made her stand a rousing success. But Katrina’s commitment to the principles of Lemonade Day make her the 2015 National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year.

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