Meet Dax!

Dax Wilson, 8, has participated in Lemonade Day for three of the four years in Bismarck-Mandan. In 2020, Dax was chosen as the Bismarck-Mandan Young Entrepreneur of the Year!

Dax's 2020 Bismarck-Mandan Lemonade Day:

In 2020, Dax started out Lemonade Day on a high note as he placed 3rd in the Best Tasting Contest the weekend before Lemonade Day! Lemonade Day took place on Saturday, June 20th, 2020 where Dax set up his lemonade stand at Lucky's 13. Dax's mother and also mentor worked the lemonade stand with him. This year, she helped Dax create a portfolio to help him memorize his business plan. He was prepared and had answers ready for customers who wanted to know about his business goals and how he wanted to spend, save, and donate his money. After expenses, Dax made $219.25. He spent some of his money on a new tablet and also donated money to a dog rescue center. Dax said his favorite part of Lemonade Day was spending time with his mother. But his least favorite part was also related to his mother: "Paying back Mom." 

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