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Get Started with Lemonade Day

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How we view ourselves and the world around us impacts our ability to dream and achieve. Young children need a mindset that equips them to recognize opportunity, take initiative, and innovate in the face of challenge. Lemonade Day is a practical way to enhance a child’s learning, explore their entrepreneurial spirit, and foster a growth mindset.

We want every child to have the chance to experience the magic of Lemonade Day. There are varying ways to get involved with Lemonade Day and bring the program to an area near you.

Ways to Get Started

Lemonade Day is licensed and independently operated in 90 communities across North America. Explore the map below and visit a local community website for registration info, events, and more!

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Want to bring Lemonade Day to your community?
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Want to bring Lemonade Day to your group?
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City Spotlight

Integrated the Lemonade Day program in the school curriculum, unlocking the magic to engage thousands of children.

Implemented Lemonade Day in their Boys and Girls Club in a fun, engaging way that allows youth to explore their creative and technical skills.

Has great success with faith-based partners embedding Lemonade Day into Sunday School.

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