Scoring Criteria

Youth Entrepreneur of the Year

Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Scoring Criteria:

The Business Results form is divided into 4 main sections - 

1. Business Results: 15 POINTS FOR COMPLETION

  • Tell us about your Lemonade Day (0-5 Points)
  • Stand/business information (0-5 Points)
  • Let's crunch the numbers (0-5 Points)

2. Goals Section: 25 POINTS FOR COMPLETION

  • What about your goals? (0-10 Points)
  • Spend, Save, Share (0-15 Points) - (Each goal met receives 5 points.)

3. Share Your Story: 0-60 POINTS + (10 Bonus Points)

(this section is graded subjectively based on the creativity, content and originality of the answers.)

  • Why did you do Lemonade Day? (0-5 Points)
  • Tell us about your business. (0-25 Points)
  • What did you do well and what would you do differently next time? (0-10 Points)
  • What kind of obstacles did you have to overcome and how did you do so? (0-10 Points)
  • Now that you're an entrepreneur, what's next for you? (0-10 Points) 
  • Bonus Points: If you have participated in Lemonade Day before, how has your business changed or evolved over the years? (0-10 Points)

4. Contact and Consent Information

  • The final section of the form is where parents can give their consent for the form to be used to enter their child into the Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Contest. If this section is not filled out, we will only use the form for the Business Results information it contains.