Lemonade Day

Sweet Success Stories



Briana Matthew

"Lemonade day helped me personally by teaching me that money doesn't just appear, you have to work for it. It helped me to better understand the value of a dollar...Thank you lemonade day for teaching me to be my own boss. Now I am really considering starting my own business when I grow up! You gave me the right tools to grow up to be successful and continue to rise to the top. Thank you!!" Read More

After four years as a Lemonade Day Entrepreneur, 2018 was a record year for Matthew. He has specific goals: “I do Lemonade Day to learn about business, to be my own entrepreneur and make customers happy, make some money and donate lots to the Burkhart Center for Autism.” Read More

Solene, Summer and Vienna

Hailey and Katie

Solene, Summer, Vienna Hailey and Katie

"On Lemonade Day, we did amazing. We made a lot more money than I expected, and learned how to be better entrepreneurs. By the end of the day, we were tired, happy, and proud. I think the hardest part of it all was learning to move outside of your comfort zone. We had to learn to go up and ask people if they wanted to try our lemonade, and not just hide behind our stand." Read More

"We did Lemonade Day because we wanted to successfully earn money to donate to a great cause like Cedar Lake Lodge.  Another reason is that we wanted to learn how to become a great entrepreneur and one day run an amazing business of our own.  Hopefully as a result we could represent our city and our school by learning the way of an entrepreneur and giving back to our community." Read More

Macie and Isaac

Josiah, Eva and Seth

M N I Sour Face

Isaac and I want to both be business owners one day. This was a great experience for us to see how much work goes into owning your own business...

We sold out of everything we had to offer, and we had excellent customer service. We teamed up with business partners and took their advice to help make us successful. We learned that you have to spend money to make money, and you have to work together. Read More

"This year’s Lemonade Day was another great learning experience! We learned so many new, different things...

Thank you to everyone for this opportunity! Lemonade Day connects us to people in our community, makes us learn to step outside our comfort zones and challenge ourselves to do things we otherwise wouldn’t do." Read More



mikaila rohit

"We are all going to run the world someday. We are going to be running everything, so if we get started at 8 or 9 or 4, then we can apply everything we already know and really save the world.” Read More

As a child, Rohit’s dream job was to own a business. Explaining this passion, he says, “I didn’t know how to spell ‘entrepreneur,’ but I knew that’s what I wanted to be.” The Lemonade Day program in Austin introduced him to what it means to start a company, along with the responsibilities that come along with it.  Read More



leroy Tiye

7-year-old Leroy Hayward may have hit upon a business that could be sustainable for years to come..."Leroy was born with a number of challenges and at one point his parents were told he would not make it. Well Leroy has made it!" Read More 

“I remember being so happy because I saw that there is actually something that comes out of hard work. When you are a kid you don’t necessarily have that many tangible rewards for hard work, but the moment that it got real for me was Lemonade Day. It was really the point where everything came together for what my future would be like and what opportunities I could have.” Read More

Trysten and Nathaniel

Team Victor

trysten and nathaniel Victor

In addition to making over $1,500 on Lemonade Day, they established an incredible goal to work towards Trysten’s dream of having a pediatric epilepsy monitoring unit in Galveston County. Read More

Victor has set up his lemonade stand during Galveston Lemonade Day for the past five years and each year he is a positive presence that brings people together. Victor has Down syndrome and struggles to communicate verbally, but that does not stop him from interacting with his customers and being the boss of his business. Read More



katie lane

Katie thinks of herself as a full-fledged business woman now.  She evaluates what her customers want and gives them plenty of service.   She now does catering throughout the year along with her business on Lemonade Day.   Read More

Eleven-year-old Lemonade Day participant, Lane Sopko, raised money for Killeen Firefighter Patrick Bergman who was recently diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. Read More



Brianna ezra

When life hands you lemons – make lemonade. That’s exactly what Brianna Nichols of Inwood, West Virginia did with her Lemonade Day stand in 2016. Brianna, 8-years-old, was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis (JA) after six months of consistent pain in her knees and shoulders. Read More

“Selling lemonade and running my business made me feel responsible.  I thought it was awesome to sell lemonade and really fun, especially since I had never run a business before.” Read More



Jasmine Reese

"I didn’t realize how big of an impact Lemonade Day would have on me when I started. I didn’t realize that I would have such a great time, that I would become this really different person, or really that I would become this person that I was always supposed to be. I grew up in Lemonade Day, and if I could go back, I wouldn’t change anything.”. Read More

She threw herself into the experience WHOLE heartedly, even sending a letter to President Obama (pic-tured right) to invite him to her stand! Her motivation was to be able to raise at least $315 to buy all of the oncology patients in the local children’s hospital Build-A-Bears. Read More



Bongani Kaitlyn

In one day, Bongani earned more money that his parents earn in a month. He was excited, to say the least! Out of our two Lemonade Day weekends, Bongani worked harder than anyone. He sold for 3 straight days on the first weekend and 3 straight days on the second weekend. He was always the last one there and would not stop for the day until he sold everything. Read More

A lesson Kaitlyn learned from participating in Lemonade Day? “I have worked hard to complete my dreams and start my business.  I love to work hard at things I put my mind to.  Next I am going to get the supplies to start my bakery that I have been looking forward to and working hard for.” Read More



jaida Yash

Jaida Holley sees herself as a kite. She describes how each kite is different by the way it flows, the style and the shape. Jaida said, “I like to stand out and be my own person. Basically, I am a different kite that will fly high into the sky trying to reach the highest point (the sun).” Read More

My dad asked me what I learned from this experience. There were so many things, and I couldn’t really decide, but I liked something my mom said. She said she loved that every time she put a hurdle in my path and thought that I would stop or think smaller, I instead thought of a way around it. Read More