I did so much to prepare for Lemonade Day. I put together a to-do list and a team to help me accomplish it. Together, we looked up recipes, asked for donations and purchased items, then we created, built and painted our lemonade stand. On Lemonade Day, we woke up very early to set up and prepare our lemonades: traditional, raspberry peach, strawberry and cucumber lemonade. My team and I created posters and handed out flyers to advertise and bring customers to our stand, which we named the Lemon Bar.

Our hard work paid off, because our lemonades were a HUGE HIT and all SOLD OUT! I would not change a thing—everything worked out perfectly, and I was able to donate a good chunk of change to an amazing organization that cares for our four-legged friends without homes.

Participating in Lemonade Day not only gave me a small glimpse of what running a business is like, but it inspired me to take the plunge and open my very own FOOD TRUCK!

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