Best Names for Lemonade Stands 2015


As part of Lemonade Day, we encourage our lemon heads to brand their stand. This means, at the very least, coming up with a name for your new business. Of course, some choose to name their stand’s after themselves. But a few creative, and often hilarious, names are given to Lemonade Day stands.

Here’s just a few of our favorites from 2015!

Great Names for Lemonade Stands

As I said above, these are just a few of the actual names kids chose to name their stands on Lemonade Day. This list isn’t an award, just a sampling of the creativity kids display when given the chance.



The Wright Lemonade

Girls Just Want to Sell Lemonade

Chris Made Lemonade

TaylorMade Lemonade N More

The Lailahnade Stand

Life’s Lemons

Doctor Lemon to the Aidv


The Pelican Gulp


A Lady & The Gentleman

Sassypants Lemonade

May the Lemonade Be With You

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