Coolest Entrepreneurial Kids Games Online

Entrepreneurial Games

Among the many benefits of modern technology include quick development of video games. As a result, users have never before had such amazing access to a wide variety of diverse games (including lemonade stand games). Educators and parents, many of whom were gamers as children, are using new technologies to teach the next generation about science, engineering, and, of course, entrepreneurship.

Fun Entrepreneurial Video Games for Children

There are a lot of options to teach your kids or students about entrepreneurship through online video games. We’ll be talking about just a few here, including one option available to Lemonade Day participants. However, feel free to explore various websites to find a business game that appeals to you or your kids. Finding new entrepreneurial games is as simple as entering a few search terms into Google.


A fully interactive, online experience, Lemonopolis is a digital version of the classic Lemonade Day curriculum. Parents, mentors, or kids that participate in Lemonade Day can access Lemonopolis through their local chapters. Along with videos and games, Lemonopolis teaches kids the basics of business that will help them create their own enterprise. To see if your children or students can receive free access to Lemonopolis, contact your local Lemonade Day chapter. If you don’t have one, contact us (see link above) for more information.


The basics of business make sense to most people. Create something for a certain price and sell it at a higher price. Of course, there’s more to it than just that but it’s a good way of starting the conversation relating to entrepreneurship. Higher finance, like stock, bonds, and mutual funds, can be a lot more confusing. To help you sort out the nature of stocks and other investment vehicles, Stock-O-Mania is a flash game that lets people buy various goods from regions across the U.S. The game can be a little difficult to get used to at first but soon, your child can be making a small virtual fortune in commodities, real estate, and more!


One of the most intensive business based video games available online, Virtonomics allows players to start their own business and manage it to success. Available in demo and paid versions, players can create anything from a retail clothing store to a mine. Among the decisions that determine a user’s success in the game include setting prices, purchasing inventory, determining which country and region to place your business, and a whole lot more. Virtonomics is one of the most exhaustive business based video games available online. Check out the demo version and, if you enjoy it, go ahead and spring for the paid version. It can be a lot fun but be warned! The game often alternates between addictive, fun, and frustrating.

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