Global Agribusiness Leader Limoneira® Enters into a Two-Year Charitable Licensing Agreement With Lemonade Day in Support of Expanding Youth Entrepreneurship Programs



Yes, I have even more exciting news to share. Every week, there is increased interest in supporting the expansion of Lemonade Day’s youth entrepreneurship programs as evidenced by our numerous announcements this Fall. Today, I would like to introduce our newest partner, Limoneira.




First, Limoneira will serve as the presenting sponsor and fund the prizes for Lemonade Day’s National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year awards. The company has also graciously agreed to provide in-kind product to Lemonade Day cities, encouraging its retailers to allow Lemonade Day participants to set up their stands inside or outside their stores, coordinating and maximizing collaborative advertising and promotional opportunities, and working with me to encourage legislators to loosen permitting requirements and reduce or eliminate fees for temporary food businesses operated by children under 18 years old.


Wabash Valley Lemonade Day


Another commitment from Limoneira will be a Take A Healthy Stand™ Mobile Unit with LemonadeDay® Branding in 2020. They will customize a mobile unit that will be driven to key promotional markets from coast to coast. The Take A Healthy Stand™ and LemonadeDay® mobile tour will be available to help kids and their mentors learn about the LemonadeDay® program, the health benefits of lemons and how to make their own “healthy stand” lemonade. The Take A Healthy Stand™, LemonadeDay® Mobile unit will deliver lemons to food deserts and other underserved communities. We anticipate that other healthy food brands will be involved too thus amplifying LemonadeDay® messaging.”

Limoneira has also teamed up with Megan Roosevelt, a registered dietician and founder of Healthy Grocery Girl, who is also a spokesperson for Limoneira’s Take a Healthy Stand™ platform. Roosevelt will develop easy, tasty and nutritious recipes for Lemonade Day participants to offer to customers at their lemonade stands. I can’t wait to try some of Megan’s recipes.


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The guiding principles of Limoneira’s founders, Nathan W. Blanchard and Wallace L. Hardison, align with the leadership, confidence-building and entrepreneurship lessons that Lemonade Day teaches young business dreamers. Blanchard and Hardison were pioneers in the California citrus industry and their entrepreneurial spirit and vision are similar to the lessons we teach.

So please help me welcome Limoneira’s vice president of marketing, John Chamberlain, the entire Limoneira team and Megan Roosevelt to Lemonade Day. They are very excited to transform the lives of young people by helping to elevate Lemonade Day’s profile within our licensed markets as well as help secure even more Lemonade Day communities.


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