Lemonade Day National Is Recruiting Corporate Investors and Supporters of All Types to Develop Future Business Owners!

By Meghan Kelleher, Lemonade Day National Development Manager

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“Leaders should take new business startups and entrepreneurship very seriously: 50% of all jobs are in small businesses and approximately 65% of all new good jobs are created by them, according to the Small Business Administration. Gallup is sure taking this seriously..."

Jim Clifton, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Gallup

Do you remember the first time you earned your own money? Maybe you raked leaves or mowed lawns for your neighbors. Maybe you were a babysitter or dog walker. Perhaps you worked at a local grocery store or clothing store.  Quite possibly, you had many “side hustles” going on when you were a kid, conscientiously navigating your school responsibilities while also juggling sports or extracurricular activities.

Whatever you did to earn a few extra dollars and however you earned them, you most likely remember how great you felt. You felt independent, smart, resourceful, excited, and, most of all, equipped to do something with those funds—whether you intended to buy something on your wish list, go on a special outing, or store those funds away in your savings account or piggy bank.

Unfortunately, entrepreneurial aspiration in America declines as kids approach their teen years, according to data from the highly-respected Gallup organization.  Gallup has also reported, however, that the earlier kids are exposed to entrepreneurial experiences, the more likely they are to become involved in an entrepreneurial venture of some kind when they are adults.


Lemonade Day Stands


“Lemonade Day works. You don’t have to test it,” Jim Clifton of Gallup has been known to say.

Established in 2007 in Houston by serial entrepreneur Michael Holthouse and his wife Lisa, Lemonade Day has engaged more than 1 million kids in the experience of business ownership and operation through the power and simplicity of hosting a lemonade stand. Kids who register for the free program and launch their own lemonade business have access to digital and printed tools that walk them through a proven process that includes business planning, site selection, product development, sales and marketing, financial management, and charitable giving.

Investors and Supporters Most Welcome

The 2019 “Lemonade Season” runs from April through late summer. Communities small and large—along with six military bases—throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Canada, and South Africa are gearing up for Best Tasting Lemonade Contests, Build-a-Stand Workshops, and other major events leading up to designated Lemonade Day dates designed to “paint the town yellow.”

Our Lemonade Day national team is recruiting “investors” and supporters of all types who are interested in helping young people of today become the business owners and community leaders of tomorrow.  Please help us identify and approach great companies that are open to supporting the Lemonade Day program with financial contributions (investors) and/or commitments of in-kind products and services (such as social media exposure or printing services).

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Our young lemonade business owners use products of all types for their stands. We at the national office are particularly interested in partnering with companies that offer items or services related to lemonade stands or entrepreneurship, such as:

  • ice and ice chests
  • containers and decanters
  • water
  • gloves
  • hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes
  • fresh citrus and fruits
  • lemonade mixes
  • sweeteners
  • tablecloths
  • cups
  • napkins
  • straws
  • trash bins
  • tables
  • office supplies
  • signs and banners
  • fliers
  • social media and marketing services
  • financial services and banking
  • computers
  • smartphones
  • phone service providers
  • Internet service providers

Any business, individual, community organization, college or university, or media outlet has the potential to be a Lemonade Day investor or supporter.  For more information on Lemonade Day, please visit www.lemonadeday.org. To review our investor packet, please follow this link.  To schedule a call or meeting to discuss ways to get involved as a donor, corporate financial contributor, or provider of in-kind products and services, please send me an email at Meghan@LemonadeDay.org.

Please share this blog with your friends, family members, and co-workers. All of us at Lemonade Day National Headquarters appreciate your support!


LD National Staff
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