More Than Just a Conference

By Steven Gordon, Lemonade Day National President


It’s a very busy week at Lemonade Day so this blog will be short and sweet. A few weeks ago I mentioned the launch of Lemonade Day Season 2020. Lemonade Day leaders and mentors continuously put their heads together to conceive of more opportunities for our kids that will change the trajectory of their lives. 

September is a “beehive” of activity when we bring our national board members to Houston for a board meeting, and also invite our City Directors, mentors, and youth entrepreneurs for three days to dream up more possibilities for Lemonade Day and our kids. We look forward to assembling such a smart and caring group of Lemonade Day supporters because we also get to share some of our Texas traditions. 

The presenters are amazing and there are spirited discussions sharing best practices as well as innovative brainstorming to further along our mission. We’ll also present a number of awards including our National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year along with Lemmy Awards for specific City accomplishments and my President’s Award. 
Based upon the reactions of participants from previous City Directors conferences, I have no doubt that there will be a bright, lemony light of ideas shining brightly over Houston this coming week. Sort of like the Batman symbol, but with a Lemmy head! 

I’ll share more about the awards, lessons learned, and new ideas conceived in the coming weeks.
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