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More Than Just a Conference

A few weeks ago, a group of enthusiastic and energized City Directors and mentors joined the Lemonade Day National team for our ninth annual City Directors Conference in Houston, Texas. Remember my blogs in early September when I mentioned the Lemmy light (like the Batman signal) would be beaming from Houston. Well, the conference went well beyond my expectations. The representatives from 36 Lemonade Day cities, Lemonade Day alumni, and parent and adult mentors brought their very best exuberance, ideas, and strategic thinking to the conference. You should have been able to see the Lemmy light 24/7 with all the energy in the room.


Mikaila Ulmer and Charlie Hamilton

Mikaila Ulmer                                                                                           Charlie Hamilton


Those attending the Conference celebrated the positive impact that Lemonade Day continues to have on youth and their communities over the past 12 months and discussed key initiatives for the coming year which include the pilot launch of the “My Lemonade Day” online mentor app, a new partnership with Limoniera – a global agribusiness and seller of citrus to grocery stores and food establishments, expanding Lemonade Day to more licensed markets, more training opportunities and webinars for city directors and mentors, fundraising initiatives and grant opportunities. 


Lemmy Awards


I am thrilled that Lemonade Day is becoming such a strong movement - much more than one day in one city, thanks in large measure to our City Directors and sponsors who bring their own versions of high-spiritedness as they host numerous events and activities in their local market. We have concrete data that our youth entrepreneurship program inspires kids of today to become business and community leaders of tomorrow. We are very proud of all our Lemonade Day micro-business owners who host a lemonade stand using the lessons our program offers. We are extra proud of our superstar Lemonade Day alumni who have launched companies and non-profit organizations while they are still in elementary or high school.


Branson Burton and Gina Spagnola

Branson Burton                                                                              Gina Spagnola


In 1972, singer/songwriter Bill Withers serenaded us with “we all need somebody to lean on.” The adults involved in Lemonade Day are filled with great ideas and a passion for helping kids achieve goals beyond their imaginations. We are all committed to see more children involved in the years to come. So, I will leave you with this video ( as we closed out the conference. We are ready for Lemonade Day 2020 and a celebration at our 10th annual City Directors Conference in September next year. I am inviting you now to join the Lemonade Day 2020 movement!


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