Meet Kaydence!

In the midst of a world-wide pandemic, 12 year-old, Kaydence Roberts proved she could pivot her lemonade stand business to earn her the title of Entrepreneur of the Year in the Fort Hood area and receive Best Brand in the Best Stand Contest. This was her fourth Lemonade Day and a great opportunity to apply the lessons learned from previous years. She made over $1,600 dollars, where she spent some, saved some, and shared some of her profits. The majority of her profit was shared with the Copperas Cove Animal Shelter.


“I love to help animals, which I have been doing for years, and I also love to earn money,” said Kaydence. On Lemonade Day weekend, Kaydence combined both loves into her lemonade stand business incorporating her puppy passion into a solid brand. Her slogan was Buy a Cup, Save a Pup, and customers could purchase Purple Puppy-Licious Lemonade with blue tea made from the Butterfly Pea Flower.


The months leading up to Lemonade Day Weekend, she participated in virtual weekly challenges to help her revamp her lemonade business. “I was looking at my pet box one day and said to my papa, ‘How about we make my stand look like a dog house?” said Kaydence. “We redesigned the whole stand and made it look like a dog house that an adopted dog would love to have as his forever home.” The stand was also designed to be more portable and take up less room in storage. Her strategy worked. Despite the concerns of COVID-19, this was her best Lemonade Day yet, and she also received an award in the National Best Stand Design Contest.


Kaydence’s stand was hosted by Copperas Cove Leader Press, and the business partnership included an advertisement in the paper and incentives. In addition to her physical lemonade stand, she developed a digital strategy and sold apparel she personally designed and tickets for her raffle online. Customers who wear her hat or shirt to the Puppy-Licious Lemonade Stand in the future will receive a free lemonade.

Including the profits from her lemonade stand, Kaydence has donated $40,000 to the Copperas Cove Animal Shelter over the last four years through previous Lemonade Days and events she’s hosted through her involvement with the Five Hills Scholarship Pageant. Her future goals include the creation of her own lemonade stand franchise with a franchise fee of 10% to benefit local animal shelters. The idea of creating a franchise came to Kaydence when a friend of the family had a lemonade stand last year, but her friend shared how it was challenging to store the stand due to its size. After hearing her friend’s story, Kaydence decided to create multiple stands for participants to rent. Kaydence’s entrepreneurial ambitions are rooted in heart.


 “To all the other kids who do Lemonade Day or are planning to, don't ever give up,” said Kaydence. “You might not make much the first year or second year.  But each year you learn something new that will make you more successful the next time and that is what being an entrepreneur of your own business is all about.” Kaydence learned that location is key, people remember a catchy theme and slogan, do not overwhelm your customers with too many options and have fun being an entrepreneur.


Kaydence said, “A huge thank you to Lemonade Day for giving me the tools to be successful!”

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