You’ve heard the maxim: “Perception is reality.” Well this has everything to do with how you market yourself. Marketing allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and entice potential customers to try your lemonade.

Try one or all of the following marketing tips to drive traffic to your lemonade stand this year:

  1. Target your market. Understand who you’re selling lemonade to, where those people are, why they’re in that location and, most importantly, what they need. Remember, the target customer base determines how much you can charge for a glass of lemonade and the type of ingredients you use.

  2. Presentation counts. Sure, you can casually set a pitcher of lemonade on a plain wooden counter, but when you add some personality and style to your presentation, you’re sure to catch your customers’ attention. Think about decorating with props: fresh ingredients, flowers or objects that go along with your theme.

  3. Highlight what makes your lemonade special. No matter where you’re broadcasting—social media, flyers, word of mouth, posters—you’ll want to include something about the uniqueness of your product. Is it organic? Does it have fresh-squeezed lime in it? Is it a family recipe? Shout it from the rooftop and let your customers know they’re in for a special treat!

  4. Throw in something free. Advertise on your signage or in other marketing that you’re giving something away such as a cookie, a song you made up, a watermelon slice or something similar. This creative and generous act will attract customers to your stand and may even boost your profits.

  5. Offer samples. Have a friend or family member approach your potential customers with a free sample of your lemonade. One sip should give them a taste for more!

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