Best Business Winner 2017

Urbanade Lemonade is a group of 6 children from Behind Every Door, an agency that strives to transform lives in underserved neighborhoods through many programs of support including educational after school programs.  Daisy, Samuel, Bill, Jamia, Keisie and Kxzari worked their way through the Lemonade Day curriculum with their program director, held a tasting session to select two flavors – lemon-lime and lavender lemonade, and participated in the Best Tasting Contest a week prior to Lemonade Day.  At the Best Tasting contest, the six entrepreneurs met their goal of selling out of their lemonade, and although they did not win, they were thrilled that everyone loved their lemonade – especially the lavender!

On Lemonade Day, Urbanade Lemonade set up at Mockingbird Station, an outdoor shopping venue.  The team wore their matching Urbanade self-designed shirts and when the VIP bus tour came to visit their stand with Miss Texas International, the kids shined with their sales skills, customer service and bright smiles.  In the end they were able to make a profit of $500.  They saved some and shared some with Paper for Water and donated some to fund the building of their new community center. 

When asked what they gained from the Lemonade Day experience, these kids showed that they learned what it takes to be an entrepreneur – hard work, patience, and self-control.  In addition, they realized the value of teamwork, and one member responded, “I want to do this all the time.”          

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