The People’s Choice winners of Dallas Lemonade Day’s Best Tasting contest can attest that healthy ingredients taste delicious—the best, in fact! The three of them, Alexis and Alyssa Rollings and Kendall Webb, say they owe their tasty recipe to their family members, including mentors William Rollings and Steve Webb.

“Our family made a decision to live a healthier lifestyle,” attest the trio, adding they were hesitant to eat healthy foods for fear they would be bland. “We discovered that ‘healthy’ can also be ‘tasty.’ Therefore, we made a lemonade that was healthy AND tasty.”

What was most challenging, they say, was finding time after homework to make the lemonade. However, the reward was worth the time, as they enjoyed selling the lemonade and talking to customers about their product and the charity they supported.

Giving Back

The girls donated a portion of their proceeds to the Rollings Foundation, which helps families in South Africa become self-sufficient. “The foundation helps people grow vegetable gardens and set up water wells so that families can have healthy food to eat and clean water to drink,” they explain.

Next year, they plan to participate in Lemonade Day again and raise even more awareness for the foundation and its efforts.

Three Keys to a Good Lemonade Stand

1. Healthy lemonade. Research recipes and find one that uses healthy sugar substitutes such as honey, agave or coconut water.

2. A visually appealing stand. The winners painted their lemonade stand yellow and green and decorated it with tissue paper flowers.

3. Good marketing. Alexis, Alyssa and Kendall used social media and text messages to market their business.

Key Learnings

The girls learned that running a business is fun, but it takes hard work and determination. They also learned how to manage money through the process of purchasing supplies, earning income and using the funds afterward.

Three Tips for Future Lemonade Day Participants

1. Make sure you secure a site early in the process.

2. Good customer service is very important, both before and after the sale. Make sure to show gratitude by interacting with customers and thanking them for their business.

3. Enjoy the experience!

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