Lemonade Day participants face a lot of challenges when it comes to running a lemonade stand, including deciding where to set up shop. Jaedyn Whitley of Lemon Quake, winner of the Best Tasting award at the Best Tasting contest at this year’s Lemonade Day, says that location is vital to a successful lemonade stand.

“Marketing and a great location will help you sell a lot of lemonade,” Jaedyn says, adding that finding the perfect location where there would be a lot of thirsty people was one of her greatest challenges leading up to Lemonade Day.

Other challenges involved coming up with her recipe, deciding on her marketing technique and setting a price for her lemonade.

“After I decided on the recipe, then I had to come up with a name for my business that would get everyone’s attention,” she said. “Next, I worked on ideas that would make my lemonade stand look awesome, which would make people want to stop by to buy a lemonade. I also thought about price.”

Jaedyn, whose mentor is Gracie Whitley, said that the most fun part of the preparation experience was coming up with a recipe: “I got to mix up lots of different ingredients to come up with a great tasting lemonade,” she said, adding that she and her parents are always trying new things in the kitchen. “This was another chance to try something different with one of our favorite drinks.”

She advertised her red and yellow stand via word of mouth and social media, she said, noting that next year she plans to do more marketing before the big day. She also plans to learn more about growing a business and to experiment with new recipes.

She was thrilled to see all the people who came out to support Lemonade Day, including a host of celebrity judges.

Jaedyn advised others to plan well ahead of Lemonade Day to create a great product and come up with an attention-getting name.

“Starting a business is a lot of work, so don’t give up when it gets hard,” she said. “Make sure you have a plan, a great recipe, a busy location and go for it!”

Jaedyn donated part of her proceeds to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, “because the money will help kids who are very sick get something they really want to help make their dreams come true.”

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