The key to this year’s Lemonade Day success for the owners of the Wonderland Lemonade-Heart House stand was good customer service.

Owners Nayely and Carlos Guzman, who were inspired by their Heart House mentor Melissa Ortiz, say the importance of providing excellent service to customers was one of their biggest takeaways.

The two of them say they also gained insight on how to manage money and run a business. They plan to return as Lemonade Day participants next year and make even more money.

One of their favorite parts of Lemonade Day was building their stand. They used crate wood because of its sturdiness though they say they’ll build with different materials next year for a smaller, lighter stand. They were pleased with their marketing efforts and use of poster board signs and decorative t-shirts.

“We completed the Lemonade Day booklet, and that helped us prepare step by step,” they say.

In addition to reading the book, the two recommend that future participants learn the ropes of good customer service and work to ensure their lemonade recipe is delicious.

In the end, Nayely and Carlos say they had a great experience and their ability to make money in the process was a pleasant surprise.

All Lemonade Day participants are invited to share their experiences with us. Fill out our online form and tell us how Lemonade Day was for you!

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