Duane Shaw - 2023 Youth Entrepreneur of the Year

We are proud to present our 2023 National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year...

Duane Shaw

CEO of Lemon Squeezos
Fort Cavazos, TX

Duane Shaw, a 5th grader from Killeen, TX is the CEO of Lemon Squeezos and a Texas Tycoon in the making. Duane exemplifies those business owners and daring innovators who remind us of the promise of the American Dream and it was that business and marketing prowess that won him the title of 2023 National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year. 

As a second-year participant in the Lemonade Day Fort Cavazos program, Duane wanted to continue his entrepreneurial journey and expand his business, while raising money for a charity and gaining more confidence as a businessman.

Through the program, he learned to set goals, develop a business plan to seek a micro loan, create lemonade products with great flavor profiles, and creatively market his business with a self-created rap video.

Duane successfully expanded his business by over 100%, generating $1,465 in total revenue. With a profit of $1,125, he saved $500, and shared $300 with a local non-profit that supports children with special needs and their families.

Duane has big plans for the future of his business with dreams of expanding to a food and beverage truck, and ultimately making his way into restaurants and vending machines. Duane is also writing his first book that he hopes to publish next year! Congratulations to Duane!

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