Follow these Steps to Success


Step 1: Sign up for Lemonade Day

Registration options are the following:

  • All participants may sign up online through our website. Individual Registration  is now available. When you register online, you will be responsible for picking up your Lemonade Day materials (backpack, entrepreneur workbook, mentor guide and t-shirt) from one of our many distribution centers throughout D.C. on specific dates and times that will be announced on our website (see Distribution Centers)

  • At one of our Lemonade Day DC registration events in February, March or April (2017 Registration Events TBA!) See Events/ Activities. You can get your backpacks when you sign up at any of the registration events

Step 2Get your Lemonade Day backpack

You can get your backpacks when you sign up at any of the registration events or pick them up from numerous distribution centers if you register online (will be posted on our website). Backpack Pickup and Distribution will begin in March, 2017. Specific dates and times will be communicated. Our curriculum is now being finalized and printed for our little entrepreneurs! If you have any questions regarding registration or backpack pick up please contact (NOT the distribution centers).

Inside your backpack, you will find two workbooks: the Entrepreneur’s Workbook  for the child and the Caring Adult Guide for the adult who will work with the child to prepare for Lemonade Day. These workbooks contain 14 lessons around starting, owning and operating your own lemonade business.  Work through these lessons at your own pace, on your own time. Additional resources are available at these links:

Step 3Participate in one or more of our contests (optional)

Share your Marketing, Business Plan, or recipe in our upcoming contests! Winners receive great prizes! Check our Events page in early 2017 for more information.

Step 4Check our website! 

Look for additional support, tips and hints, reminders about upcoming events and any special offers from our partners and sponsors.

Step 5Set up your lemonade stand on LEMONADE DAY: Saturday, April 29th, 2017!  

Once you’ve worked through the lessons in your Entrepreneur’s Workbook, you’re ready to “open up shop.” You can set up your lemonade stand in your driveway, or at one of the official Lemonade Day DC approved hub sites (check our website closer to Saturday, April 29, 2017 for updates). You can also ask permission to set up your stand in front of another business in your community, but you must ask the business for permission (don’t forget to let us know where your stand is!)…. You set your own hours on Lemonade Day and, most importantly, YOU KEEP THE MONEY YOU EARN! After all, it’s your business!  We DO encourage you to save, spend and share your profits.

Step 6Share your stories & business results with us!  

You will find a Business Results Form stapled inside your Entrepreneur’s Workbook and on our website. Please look that over before Lemonade Day to be sure you’re keeping track of key stats.

We also want to hear your Lemonade Day experiences, stories and see your photos so don’t forget to submit those! SHARE HERE! 

Step 7Enjoy your new status:  

YOU ARE AN ENTREPRENEUR! Congratulations from Lemonade Day DC!