Meet Dominic, our Entrepreneur of the Year

I did Lemonade Day because I wanted to learn more about being an entrepreneur. Last year, I participated in a selling contest and my idea was successful, so I wanted to learn more about starting a business. I also wanted to raise money for an important charity, the Rich Center for Autism. I am a student in the Rich Center program at St. Charles School.

My theme and slogan was: Dominic's Galactic Lemonade: It's so good it's out of this world! My stand was held at Branch Street Coffee Roasters, a classy coffee shop. I set up outside on the patio. The business is located in a new and busy plaza. I had regular lemonade and a special blueberry galactic lemonade that I made special. I knew that the coffee shop customers and the pressed juice business in the plaza probably like healthy drinks, so I tried to make my lemonade healthy. The galactic lemonade was made with simply lemonade, a secret ingredient, farm fresh blueberries and mint. Everyone said that it was delicious and classy!

Next time, I will start planning earlier and ask businesses for donations for ice, lemonade and cups to save on costs. If they know that it will benefit a good cause, they might consider helping with a donation.

I hope to continue brainstorming ideas for my own business now that I know more about running one. Since I like to bake, I might come up with a cookie business.

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