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Thanks for a Great Lemonade Day!

Thanks to everyone who participated in Lemonade Day 2022!

Now that Lemonade Day is over, please remember to...

  1. Submit your Business Results and tell us about your success. By submitting your results, you can be eligible for great prizes! Click here to see contest information.

  2. Be sure to pay back your investor and make plans for how to spend, save, and share your profit.

  3. Reflect on your experience! What did you do well and what will you do differently for Lemonade Day 2023?

If you're interested in participating in Lemonade Day next year, be sure to...

  1. Check back on our website for information regarding next year's Lemonade Day.

  2. Stay connected via our website and social media.

  3. Contact us if you have questions about how you can be involved.