How a Lemonade Stand Helps Kids Be Successful in School and Life

By Nicole Cassier-Mason, Lemonade Day National CEO


It’s September already! Hard to believe that the 2021 Lemonade Day Season is in the books and kids are back to school. Did your kids host a lemonade stand or start another business this summer? Babysitting? Tutoring? Lawn service? Making jewelry? Developing a game? 

I can imagine the conversations in homes across the country when your enthusiastic child asked to set up a lemonade stand or similar business. Parents might think of it as a hassle. Here at Lemonade Day, we see it as an opportunity. Not just to learn about and earn money but to provide an educational experience that instills self-belief and teaches important life and character-building skills – all having a lasting impact on a person’s life. It’s important to give our kids a chance to dream and try their hand at a small business venture. Many of today’s successful entrepreneurs had their own youth entrepreneurship journey – and each was remarkable.

Early entrepreneurship education in children has shown to increase their motivation to work harder in school, give them a positive way to channel their talents, provide them with a stronger sense of community, learn the importance of financial independence, and especially for at-risk youth, a sense of meaning and belonging. For every 1% growth in entrepreneurship, there is a 2% decrease in poverty. Brain science proves that financial and business literacy as part of youth entrepreneurship must be introduced at an early age. Experiential learning combined with character and life skills building leads to greater self-confidence. 

The Search Institute identified 40 Developmental Assets - positive supports and strengths that young people need to succeed. Our program addresses those assets by planting the seeds of entrepreneurship and innovation in our youth by way of operating a business. Our program aligns with the Common Core State Standards and reinforces skills learned in school. We also address social and emotional learning (SEL) not typically part of the classroom curriculum – such as selling, marketing, and social and psychological skills. All so very important to the growth and life preparedness of our children.

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We’ve also witnessed Lemonade Day kids taking this knowledge and improved confidence into the classroom and other sports and club activities in which they participate. Some expand their small business throughout the year, and many brainstorm ideas to improve next year’s lemonade stand.

Parents and mentors involved in Lemonade Day watch a magnificent shift happen in a child who wanted a simple lemonade stand and became a full-fledged business owner! A lemonade stand becomes the vehicle to holistic education, skills building, and character virtue. What we are teaching kids plays a critical role in both the education and business ecosystems.

We want every child to be prepared for life. Visit for more information on how your school or youth group can bring youth entrepreneurship to your community.

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