Kids All Over America are Hosting Lemonade Stands for Good Causes



Is it just me or you also seeing and hearing more news about kids raising money for a special cause by hosting a lemonade stand in their community? News and feature stories about young kids hosting lemonade stands are definitely increasing --- and I am extremely happy about that!

While many millions of kids have yet to join our Lemonade Day movement (yes, we are on a recruiting mission!),  I am pleased to know that kids and their adult chaperones know that setting up a lemonade stand is an excellent way to earn funds and rally supporters. 

One particularly touching story that garnered national media attention from CNN and other outlets featured Brady Campbell, 6, and a resident of Denver, Colorado. Brady’s set up a lemonade stand to earn money to take his mom on a date after his dad died from Stage 4 colon cancer at the age of 37.  Brady earned over $200 through his lemonade venture, which attracted the attention of a local police officer, who got other police officers to stop by for lemonade!

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Here is a link to the CNN story about Brady’s lemonade stand:


A touching example of children helping children through a lemonade stand recently occurred in Roanoke, Va. Children participated in a “Kids Take a Stand” event to raise money for simple, and needed items such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, clothes, and other items for children currently held in detention centers at the U.S. border. The kids set up their stand and held up signs to grab the attention of passers by to their cool lemonade and baked goods. One customer who thoroughly enjoyed his purchase said, “Children helping children has real power to it.” I couldn’t agree more.

Kids Take a Stand

Here is the link to this very sweet story:

In Kalispell, Mt., brothers Luka and Liam, 9- and 10-years old respectively, set up their lemonade stand on two separate occasions to reach their goal of raising $1,000 to help a family who needs money to pay for therapy for a child diagnosed with autism.  The family knows how important this money can be. Luka was non-verbal when diagnosed with autism at the age of two. Therapy worked and today he is mainstreamed into a standard classroom environment. Mom Becky is “very proud” of her boys. We are proud of Luka and Liam, as well. Keep up the great work boys!

Luke and Liam

View their story here:


And if you don’t already have a tissue in your hand, go grab one now. Eleven-year old Cassidy was diagnosed with a fatal illness at four years old. Cassidy has cystic fibrosis. She spends time daily in the hospital and takes a regiment of pills to assist her with this difficult disease. Shortly after her diagnosis, Cassidy’s family helped her start her first lemonade stand which led to the creation of Cassidy’s Lemonade Stand. The family travels in a white van through out their city of Saskatoon in the Saskatchewan province of Canada. Cassidy’s mother, Kimberly, says that “Being able to actively participate…bring awareness…and see the cause and effect of the money raised…is actually changing lives. …That is all [a parent whose child is diagnosed with a fatal disease] can hope for.” To date, Cassidy has raised a whopping $75,000 for cystic fibrosis research. Wow! Just wow! Thank you Cassidy for being so selfless with your generosity.


Read more about Cassidy’s story through this link:


Robert Greenleaf, the founder of the modern day servant leadership movement, defined this concept: A servant-leader focuses primarily on the growth and well-being of people and the communities to which they belong…The servant-leader shares power, puts the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible. Lemonade Day leaders have developed a proven process to encourage children to explore their natural leadership gifts and identity, and discover their current, and future, roles in their communities.

Lemonade Day is seeking to add more licensed communities, recruit more Lemonade Day business owners, mentors, volunteers, and sponsors. Won’t you be part of our exciting growth and watch the youth of today become our leaders of tomorrow!

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