Top 10 Lemonade Day Facts

Lemonade Day is turning 10 this year!  In honor of this momentous and oh so sweet anniversary, here are 10 fun facts we bet you didn’t know.

Lemonade Day


1)  Since 2007, Lemonade Day has reached more than 1 million youth in 60 cities across the United States and Canada. In 2016 alone, more than 101,000 kids participated.

2) The concept for Lemonade Day was created when founder, Michael Holthouse’s daughter, Lissa, wanted to add a turtle to her pet collection. With so many pets already in the house, Michael said no.  Not accepting his answer, Lissa decided she would start a lemonade stand to raise money to buy her own turtle, and asked her dad for help. The rest, as they say, is history, and Lemonade Day was born.  Today Lemonade Day teaches kids across North America how to start and operate their own business, so they can achieve their personal goals and fulfill their own dreams.

3) The beverage lemonade originated in 500 AD, invented by the Egyptians when they mixed lemon juice with sugar to make a beverage they called qatarmizat. 

4) On average, Lemonade Day kids make a profit of $168.08 at their lemonade stand and see their profits increase each year they participate in the program.

5) 73% of Lemonade Day participants shared a portion of their profit by giving back to their communities. Some groups that benefited from their generosity included: animal shelters, religious and youth organizations, hospitals, medical research funds, food banks, and more.

6) 79% of Lemonade Day participants saved a portion of their profits with 20% of them opening their own savings account.

7) The “ade” in lemonade means the product is not 100 percent juice.

8) California and Arizona produce 95% of the entire U.S. lemon crop.

9) A single lemon tree can produce up to 500 or 600 pounds of lemons in just one year.

10) The earliest documented lemonade stands were in 1873 in Brooklyn run out of streetcars.


10 Facts about Lemonade Day


Lemonade Day Season 2017 is underway!

To register your child for an upcoming Lemonade Day in your community please visit the website.


About Lemonade Day

Lemonade Day is a non-profit dedicated to teaching every child across North America the business and financial skills that are the key ingredients of entrepreneurship. By learning these skills early in life, children will be better prepared to be successful, financially healthy adults. Through our fun, hands-on program Kids K-5 are empowered to start their very own business—a lemonade stand—and experience the feeling of earning real money, using 100% of their profit to spend, save and share based on their own goals.

Lemonade Day is in 62 cities throughout the United States. Over the past 10 years, we have served more than 1 million kids in our kid entrepreneur programs and in 2016 alone, 101,000 kids participated in Lemonade Day.

Visit to learn how to participate in Lemonade Day in your city.

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