Meet Duane!

10 year-old Duane Shaw had his eye on the prize this Lemonade Day season, earning multiple titles in the Fort Hood Area to include Entrepreneur of the Year, Most Profit, 2nd Place for the Best Stand Contest, Best Overall Lemonade for the Best Tasting Lemonade Contest, and Best Presentation for the Best Tasting Lemonade Contest. This was his second Lemonade Day and a great opportunity to apply the lessons he learned from last year. Duane made over $1,100, where he spent some, saved some, and shared some of his profits.

Duane’s lemonade stand, Lemon Squeezos, is a mobile lemonade business that sells delicious freshly-squeezed lemonade in a variety of unique flavors, including sugar-free options. On Lemonade Day weekend, Duane launched his Miami collection, which featured six blended lemonade flavors named after well-known cities in the Miami area.

The Lemon Squeezos slogan, “It’s All About the Squeeze” (in the Miami breeze), has attracted many customers on social media and Duane even created his very own custom song for his brand. When looking back at his success from this season, Duane said he has “gained so many customers and made so many people happy with my lemonade by always staying positive, delivering quality products and service.”

When asked why he chose to participate in Lemonade Day, Duane said he wants to “continue his entrepreneurial journey and expand his lemonade business.” He also wants to “raise money for a cause and gain more confidence as a businessman”

Duane chose to give a portion of his Lemonade Day profits to Varity’s Peaceable Kingdom Retreat for Children, a charitable organization that opens up the world for kids with special needs. Duane raised $300 for Variety’s Peaceable Kingdom, saying he “wanted to give back to an organization that helps kids.”

On Lemonade Day weekend, Duane setup Lemon Squeezos at the Harker Heights Farmer’s Market. He said “one of the major obstacles I had to face was time management. Being a kid, a student and a youth entrepreneur it was challenging managing work time and fun time. I overcame this obstacle by creating a schedule. I would prioritize my tasks and take breaks so I can get more energy.”

Looking at the future of his business, Duane said he “see(s) Lemon Squeezos in vending machines and in several restaurants. I want to continue to give back to my community, helping the people, animals, and the environment.”

On Thursday, September 21, 2023, Duane was named Lemonade Day National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year at the National City Director's Conference in Houston, Texas. The National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year is selected based on the information submitted in the Business Results Form to include reported business stats, lessons learned, and the participant's Lemonade Day story. Lemonade Day cities across North America submitted their local winner's story for a chance to have that child selected as the National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year. 

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