Why not entertain yourself while also staying sharp? Statistics show that kids who read during the summer tend to maintain their reading level better than those who don’t. If you haven’t opened a book this summer, you might consider one of the following titles to keep your reading skills fresh.

Looking for nonfiction?

  • “The Day-Glo Brothers”: Read the true story of two brothers who worked together to create fluorescent colors—completely by accident! (Reading level: grades 4–6)

  • “America is Under Attack: September 11, 2001: The Day the Towers Fell”: You’re too young to remember this day, but it has forever affected the United States. Learn more about the day America changed irrevocably with this honest yet sensitive narrative. (Reading level: ages 6–10)

  • “Through My Eyes”: Learn the story of a young girl who got caught in the crosshairs of racism and came out of it with more education and a softer heart than she could’ve expected. (Reading level: grades 3–7)

  • “Cheaper by the Dozen”: This lighthearted classic recounts the life of a larger-than-life family of 12 children who run amok despite the efforts of two eccentric parents. (Reading level: 12 years)

  • “Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life of Discovery”: You’ll lose yourself in this biography about First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, who overcame adversity to help her country. The role model, who lost both her parents as a child, later served with the American Red Cross and spearheaded public policy while supporting her husband in the White House. (Reading level: grades 5–7)

How about some escape with a fictional book?

  • “Tales for Very Picky Eaters”: Discover the outlandish ways in which James’ father gets him to eat the many foods he doesn’t like. (Reading level: ages 6–9)

  • “Frindle”: Follow the journey of the nonsense word “frindle,” created by prankster Nick. The word catches on and spreads so far and wide that nobody—not even Nick—can contain it, much to the dismay of his teacher. (Reading level: grades 3–7)

  • “Fly Away Home”: The plight of the homeless is personalized in this book about a boy and his father who live in an airport. Read all about how the pair of them get by. (Reading level: ages 4–7)

  • “The Princess Bride”: Find out why this story is a cult classic, incorporating pirates, poison and, of course, princesses.  (Reading level: grades 9–12)

  • “Holes”: This bestseller mystery digs up the truth as to why a corrupt warden at Camp Green Lake requires the boys to constantly dig holes that are exactly 5 feet wide and 5 feet deep. (Reading level: ages 10 and up)

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