The end of summer is here, which means school starts soon—August 24 for most of us! You may be used to lazy days, but it’s time to jump back into the routine of early mornings, homework and bedtimes.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare, so the first week of school goes as smoothly as possible!

1. Go to bed earlier each night. If you’re used to going to sleep at a later hour, start hitting the hay a little earlier until your sleep schedule is adjusted for your school-day routine.

2. Wake up earlier. You’re probably sleeping in right now. As tempting as it is to milk the last days of late rising, you’ll be better off if you start setting an alarm—at least within an hour of when you plan to get up for school.

3. Practice good nutrition. Start with a healthy breakfast, complete with protein and nutrients. You’ll need it for long mornings of class. Add eggs, a lean meat (if you eat meat) and vegetables to your breakfast for a boost of mental energy!

4. Go to school. Whether you’re commuting via bus or being dropped off at school, you’ll feel more confident on your first day if you know the route. Do a dry run a few days before classes start.

5. Plan your first-day outfit. Lay out the clothes you’ll wear on the first day to ensure they’re clean and ready to wear. If you haven’t worn them in awhile, try them on to make sure they still fit. You may have hit a summer growth spurt!

6. Pack your bag early. Once you have your school supplies, load your backpack. Make a list of everything you need first and check it off as you fill your bag.

7. Plan your lunch. If you’re bringing your lunch to school, make sure you have all the groceries you’ll need to prepare it. Pack anything you can the night before to cut out morning prep time.

8. Bring a positive attitude. Day one of school will be amazing if you approach it with confidence and a good attitude. Don’t forget to smile!

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