Like you, many other kids in the area will be creating lemonade stands for Lemonade Day. How will yours stand apart from theirs? It’s important to brainstorm your concept and map it out in a business plan that you can both follow and present to adults who are supporting you.

Below are a few steps to help you get started on your business plan. Follow these, and you’ll be well on your way to a lemonade stand you can be proud of.

Summarize what you want to do with your lemonade stand. Your lemonade stand will be a success if you put your passion and personality into it. What talents or skills do you have? If you play an instrument, consider adding it to your services or playing the instrument while you’re waiting for customers. If you’re funny, why not dress up like a clown and tell jokes? Put your own spin on your stand and make it different from all the others! Your unique twist will attract customers, and sales will add up fast.

Talk about what makes you a good business owner. Speak to your background. Write down what school you go to as well as accomplishments you’ve achieved, including awards won, grades earned and achievements in your hobbies and extracurricular activities.

Do your homework. Find out what other kids have done with their lemonade stands beyond just selling lemonade. Research how much they spent, how much they earned, what their challenges were and what their strengths and weaknesses were. Part of your job is to read up and talk with other kids who could offer information that could benefit you. From your research, you’ll discover what you can do better and what you should avoid.

Discuss your marketing plan. Outline who you your customer is, and be creative in how best to engage them. Think about where they would see your marketing materials and ads, be it on social networks or in local magazines. Write down your marketing ideas for anyone who sees your business plan to review.

Go into details about your financials. Highlight your costs, how much you will charge and how much you plan to earn. Don’t forget to include supplies and labor (if you’re hiring a younger sibling to help, for example). This will help adults decide whether they want to make an investment in your business.

Remember that a well-organized plan makes for a well-organized stand. And don’t forget to register for Lemonade Day, which takes place on May 2. Visit our website to reserve your spot today!

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