On Saturday, August 7th, 2021, the Lomita Chamber of Commerce held its first annual Lemonade Day event. The City of Lomita had 37 lemonade stands and nearly 60 young entrepreneurs who participated in a nationwide campaign to build their own business focused on entrepreneurship and creativity. All our young entrepreneurs spent months preparing, pitching and promoting the launch of their lemonade stand businesses. 

Registered Lemonade Day Young Entrepreneurs were eligible to win prizes and awards, including a chance to advance to the National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Contest. Those young entrepreneurs who shared their business results and story with us at the Lemonade Day Lomita website were entered into contests to win a bike and Youth Entrepreneur of the Year. Judges had the challenging task of reviewing entries to determine this year’s Lemmy Award winners which will be announced at The Lemmys event held later this month. Award finalists have already been invited and winners will be revealed during the evening of the event.

We would like to thank ALL our young entrepreneurs, parents and mentors for putting in the time, heart and effort to make Lemonade Day Lomita a successful and enjoyable day in our community.

We’re so proud of everyone who participated in this event. For those who did not win this year, we recognize your hard work and hope you will take this experience and join us again next year.  All participants will be featured at the Lemonade Day Lomita website over the next few weeks and will receive special recognition from the Mayor of Lomita. Details about the Mayor’s recognition will be forthcoming from the City of Lomita in October.


Emmanuel - 1 Amazing Lemon, “Manny” ways to squeeze!!

Hannah, Remington, Rowan - 2 Brothers, a Sister and a Lemonade Stand

Siena, Preston, Savannah - 3 Little Lemons

Mateo - Aloha Lemonade

Brianna - Bri's Frozen Lemonade

Devlin, Aidan, Tristan - D.A.T. Lemonade

Francesca, Oliver - Fran & Oli Enterprises

Matthew - Fresh Lemonade

Aria - Golden Jade Lemonade

Hannah - Hannah's

Scarlett - I like ya cut G

Isaic - Isaic Delicious Lemonade

Jacob - Jacob's Retro Lemonade Stand

Holly - Lemon Bubbles

Autumn, Sienna - Lemonade Lovers

Leilani, Alanna, Keana - Lemonade Pups

Ibrahim - Lemonade Smarts

Mary, Yousef, Zed, Lydia - Lemonyayde

Adam, John - Lil Baller's Lemonade and Cookies

Sara, Kirah, Samantha - Limonada Mexicana

Riley-Jo - Little Cup of Sunshine

Brooke - Little Green Lemon

Lilian, Siena - The Loving Lemonade

Haley - The Sugary Stop

Malachi - Malachi's Fresh Lemonade Stand

Ethan - Mario and Luigi’s Lemonade

Melodie - Mel's Lomita Lemonade

Makayla, Joaquin - MJ's Lemonade

Noah, Max - Noah and Max Snack Attack

Nolan - Nolan’s Lemonade Stand

Ricardo - Purple Cream

Justin, Logan - Sparkling Lemonade & More

Liliana - Sweeter than Sour Lemonade Stand

Manav - The Healthy Hut

Angelina, Anthony, Andrew - Three Little Bears Lemonade

Isaac - Veterans Love Lemonade

Nathan, Alynna - World's Zest Lemonade

This amazing experience has planted the seed for the next generation to become the business leaders, social advocates, community volunteers and forward-thinking citizens of tomorrow. We look forward to next year’s Lemonade Day Lomita!

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