Eva and Holly's Lemonade Story

Did you know in 2019 Lemonade Day Washtenaw County we had over 149 registered youth participants. One of the first entrepreneurs to register from that group is Eva, founder of Eva and Holly's Lemonade! Read her Lemonade Day experience below:

What made you want to participate in Lemonade Day?

I thought it would be a fun thing to do and help raise money for my horse barn.

Awesome! Where did you setup your business?

We Lemonade did the stand in front of our house and made the lemonade with lemons, sugar and water.

Hmm, having a stand in front of your house can be tough. Did you do any marketing or advertising?

The only advertising, we did was on Facebook and Next Door.

Advertising on social media is really smart. Alright so we know you had a great stand, any improvements for the next Lemonade Day?

Next year I would like to find a stand in a place that is busier and try to improve my lemonade. I plan to keep trying new things and maybe look at selling some of my crafts.

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