Hand-crafted Stands Available for Free Use on Lemonade Day

Creativity comes in many ways…

A big part of being an entrepreneur is knowing where it makes sense to spend your time, effort and money.

What are you really great at?

It could be making the product, marketing your business, designing your brand, building a stand, or selling to customers.

Being in business is not about spending the most money or being flashy. It’s about spending your money wisely, having a great product and providing an exceptional customer experience.

The Lemonade Day curriculum offers the option to build a stand, borrow a stand or purchase a stand. And here in Lomita, we have another amazing opportunity for our Young Entrepreneurs thanks to one of our sponsors.

West Coast Wildflowers Design Co. is offering hand-crafted lemonade stands to be used (free of charge) on Lemonade Day Lomita to the first 15 young entrepreneurs who submit their application by Saturday, July 24th.

For those entrepreneurs who wish to have a stand for future business endeavors, they’re also offering a discount. Plus, there’s an opportunity to win a custom sign with your unique business name.

If you’d like to apply, please read the information here.

Good luck to all Lemonade Day Lomita young entrepreneurs.

Finding your zone of genius will put you on the path to success.

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