Freshly Squeezed: Stand Tips

The beauty of Lemonade Day is that YOU are the business owner and YOU get to pick where your stand is going to be. Tuscaloosa and Northport are filled with plenty of areas where your small business could thrive. Maybe you want to stay close to home or you want to head into the heart of Tuscaloosa to have your lemonade available to anyone who can see your stand. How do you know you've picked the right location?

There are many things to think about when you are picking a spot for your small business to open for the day! Below are a few fresh tips that could help you make your big business decision!

  1. Will your location get a lot of traffic from potential customers?

    This is very important to think about when picking a location for your small business. The more people that will already be in the area of your stand means the more chances of people stopping by and trying your lemonade or treats! Some high traffic areas include grocery stores, clothing stores, parks (if it is a pretty day), or maybe a library on campus!

  2. Will your stand be easy to find at the location you picked?

    As a business owner, you want to be sure that your potential customers can find your stand location so they do not miss out on your delicious lemonade! If you want to set up your stand at your house, are you on a street that is easy to reach or is your home way back in the back? If you pick a business, does that location have a parking lot for patrons to park and walk up to your stand or a place where you can set up where people can see you? One easy way for people to find your stand is branding your stand on the Lemonade Day Map on our website! Other marketing tools can help your small business be found too but we will talk about that in a few weeks! Just remember, the easier your stand is to access, the more customers you could potentially have!

  3. Am I even allowed to set up in front of any business I want?

    This question is tricky. While you get to choose where your stand is located, you need to ask permission from a business owner before you set up in front of their store. You can either call, walk in, or email the business owner or manager to ask for permission. Tell them about Lemonade Day and how it is helping you learn to run your own business. If you are nervous about asking for permission, don't worry! Business owners love helping out other small business owners. You got this!


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