This week I want to introduce you to 17-year old twins, Isabela and Patricio Orvañanos. They first participated in Lemonade Day Houston when they were six and continue to share their experiences as ambassadors for Lemonade Day. Today, they are confident young entrepreneurs who have used the skills learned through Lemonade Day to develop and sell their own board game that helps to teach business skills to other kids. They attribute the fun experiences they had selling lemonade and even expanding their lemonade stand product offerings to the distinctions learned through the Lemonade Day program. They both say they have such a strong foundation of confidence from participating in the program and enjoy mentoring other kids so they can have a similar positive experience. What really warms my heart is that Isabela and Patricio have truly embraced the “share” distinction of Lemonade Day and continue to give back as teenagers. I do not doubt that philanthropy will always be part of their lives. I invite you to watch this segment that recently aired on Houston’s CW39 TV station. A special thank you to Sharron Melton and the team at CW39 in Houston for conducting the interview and sharing Patricio's and Isabela's story with their viewers.

See for yourself how poised, articulate and inspiring Isabela and Patricio truly are. This is why we at Lemonade Day do what we do and why it is so important to my team and our board members to continue to provide innovative learning tools for today’s youth. I know you will enjoy hearing from these ambassadors. Click here



Your child can still participate in Lemonade Day in 2020. Circle the dates on your calendar for Lemonade Day My Way weekend, August 20-23. Kids can register for free by visiting  If you are not in a Lemonade Day city, you can participate through our Raising Cane's partnership by visiting Kids can access the Lemonopolis online lesson program from any device anytime from anywhere.

Lemonade Day supporters are committed to providing positive experiences for kids and helping them with life skills they will use for a lifetime. We believe in encouraging them to learn about confidence and success and doing something good for others. We will continue to stimulate the minds of kids to “think outside the box” and pursue their wildest dreams.

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