Shamyiah Sells, owner of "SHO-NUFF LEMONADE", exceeded all expectations in 2017. Her variety of menu items, unparalleled customer service, and excellent branding are one of the many reasons she was selected as one of our 2017 Lemonade Day Scholarship recipients.

Shamyiah offered both regular lemonade and strawberry lemonade at her stand. Her other menu items consisted of cupcakes, chips, airheads, soda and even Kool-Aid pickles. Kool-Aid pickles are pickles that have been soaked in different flavors of kool-aid to transform them into a sweet and sour treat!

Shamyiah wowed us with her focus and determination, making it hard to believe she is a first time lemonade day participant. Her slogan - "so sweet it'll knock you off your feet" was a fun way to grab the attention of potential customers walking by. Shamyiah was set up in an great location with a lot of foot traffic, so there were many people walking by the stand. She sought out customers by approaching them and politely asking if they’d be interested in supporting her lemonade business. Shamyiah told us that the best tactic to draw in more customers is to keep a positive attitude, be genuine, and maintain great customer service! She also reminded us that the key to great customer service is stepping outside of your comfort zone, and having the ability to handle rejection with grace.  

After six and a half hours of selling lemonade alongside her brother, Shamyiah went home with a $347 worth of profit. She spent some of her money on a well-deserved manicure, a portion of her money was donated to support a homeless man that plays guitar, and the rest was saved for a rainy day!

Lemonade Day has helped Shamyiah realize how important it is to have a great work ethic. Whenever she grows up, she wants to be a fashion designer, and eventually own her very own clothing line. We are proud of Shamyiah for learning that starting a business means having to put in the work to make your dreams a reality. Great job Shamyiah - you’re going to do big things!


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