Featured Entrepreneur: Meet Sabrina!

Lemonade Day Houston's 2020 Entrepreneur of the Year winner. How she accomplished her dream, met her goals, is growing her business and is giving back to a cause important to her.
By Karen O'Kane (Assistant City Director)


Meet Sabrina! She is a 4th grader from Sugar Land and she just won Houston’s 2020 Entrepreneur of the year award!  

Sabrina is an active 9-year-old who enjoys dancing, playing the piano, horseback riding, gymnastics, swimming, drawing, and playing with Legos. She loves school with a special interest in social studies and writing.

She has been involved with Lemonade Day Houston now for two years. It was an event we posted on Facebook, “Build-A-Stand” at Grainger, that got her mom’s attention. They registered and came out to the event. After that event, well the rest is history as they say…

They have been actively involved in several events over the past two years, including our 2019 Best Tasting event at Harold’s in the Heights, our first ever Lemonade Day Kids Pitch event at Station Houston (now The ion) where she won 3rd place, Lemonade Day Weekend 2019 at Sugar Land Towne Square, 2020 Lemonade Day My Way at Kendra Scott First Colony and many others!

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When we asked about how she got where she is today, her mom Jenny had this to say:

“As a single mom, after my husband passed away, I am striving to provide great memories for Sabrina, helping her excel at her learnings, health, hobbies and entertaining as she didn’t need another traumatic experience on her life.  I have helped her to understand that we complete what we begin, and we try our best always on everything we pursue. She has been assuming this role with responsibility as she participates in many extracurricular activities. She manages to do them all very well while being a great all-A’s student.

Being part of the Lemonade Day program by participating in events was not the exception. She did all her homework when needed, happily provided her time and her ideas. She has a creative mind and that includes thinking about a business and dreaming about what could be better. There were a couple of times when she was truly busy that I asked her if she wanted to give up on any of the activities she participates in and she always included Lemonade Day and her business as part of the ones she wants to keep. In her own words: “The others are simply activities and Fresh’n Juicy is a business, my business”

Working hard pays off and there were times where we had to discuss it was not her time to win. She is now the smart, creative, and kind girl she is because of all the learning and taking a hurtful experience to the next level. We both complement and support each other and have learned life is short and I teach her we should be the best versions of ourselves.”

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Sabrina’s business goals for Fresh’n Juicy are to offer healthy drinks all year long to her customers. She has expanded her business model and she is having success selling her delicious drinks at pop up events around town. Her goal is to eventually package and distribute her drinks and to expand her brand into baked goods, T-shirts, and friendship bracelets. Her message she wants to teach kids through her brand is that they should truly live and reflect a healthy lifestyle!

Sabrina is also involved in the community and she has most recently been involved with giving drawings and cards to people in Louisiana affected by Hurricane Laura. She participated with a local charity by donating shoes for kids to go to school: Sole Loved.

A cause that is important to her is finding a cure for brain cancer. Her main goal is to donate a percentage of her earnings to a local brain cancer organization Dr. Marnie Rose and its main fundraiser: The Run for the Rose. She visits patients and brings them joy by using her drawing skills and by helping even in a small way with her donations for them to invest in research.

How did Sabrina grow from her first year to her second year with Lemonade Day?

Her mother Jenny had this to say about Sabrina’s progress:

“Sabrina started Lemonade Day thinking it was only for playing store, plus she was younger and understanding of business was new for her. I would say that a big deal for her was when she met a real entrepreneur, her mentor from the Lemonade Day Pitch Event, that helped her to understand the concepts of having a real business. Dommonic Nelson (The Yummy box) helped her to unleash her creativity and think that everything can be possible. Participation was our only goal and once we have participated and she saw real money to buy real things she started to realize even she could do it.

The second year started with minimum activity and was hit by the pandemic. However, Sabrina always asked what we could do and how we could try to sell our drinks. Since she is now a little older and a bit more mature, we had a conversation and I act as her marketing advisor. She is very interested in social media, videos and technology as all kids her age are, and as a team we started to realize she might be old enough to participate in some of the technology topics, and I have all the marketing experience to help her succeed. We realized we would love to help others understand that they can also be entrepreneurs and we discussed that crisis are sometimes the best opportunities, so we decided to go with a real business and not a stand that might go out from time to time. I explained to Sabrina that this will need her commitment as a CEO of her own business and that her hard work will help her get her profit goals and much more.”


Sabrina is looking forward to the upcoming 2021 Lemonade Day season where she will run her business at various events, be an ambassador and help register more youth so they can learn the valuable skills taught by the Lemonade Day program and they can begin the journey to becoming an Entrepreneur too!!


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Sabrina’s Pitch Presentation from the 2019 Lemonade Day Kids – Pitch Event can be viewed here

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You can view a video of Sabrina here of her excitement after our surprise zoom call when we revealed she won Houston’s Entrepreneur of the Year!  


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