Lemonade Day is all about teaching kids from across the nation (and Canada, too!) fundamental life lessons. We know it’s unrealistic to receive EVERY child’s personal stories of success, entrepreneurship and FUN  from their Lemonade Day experiences, but we sure do LOVE when we get one that encompasses what Lemonade Day is all about.

This letter comes from Mikey’s Mom, Tiffany, out of Denver, Colorado. She was thrilled to share her thoughts on Mikey’s second year participating in Lemonade Day AND included a donation directly from Mikey’s Lemonade Day profits and a magnificent picture of herself, Mikey and Mikey’s grandfather at their stand:

“Mikey had a wonderful time again at Lemonade Day. Last year he dressed up as a pirate for his Pirate-ade. This year he persuaded my parents & me to dress up as superheroes in order to sell more lemonade. How could we resist?!?! Instead of putting a dot over all the i’s in his sign he wanted lemons as the dot over the i’s. He also wanted to try a different type of lemonade so we made raspberry lemonade. Additionally he wanted to give out tattoos to get people to stop by his stand. It really is amazing to see a munchkin come up with so many great ideas!  He’s only 5 years old!

His confidence has skyrocketed! He is learning a wonderful life lesson that anything he can come up with & believe in he can make it happen. I appreciate how he is learning about earning money & the work associated to earn it. It’s fun to ask him when he wants a toy how many cups he’d have to sell in order to buy it. Plus, it is a great opportunity to get our family together. Little things.

When we had our stand set up one girl ran over and said she absolutely loved his stand. She loves superheroes, too. She even told Mikey she’d give him an extra dollar just to take a picture w/ Mikey & his stand. I think she may have planted seeds for next year’s stand. He may charge to have pictures taken. 

Please tell everyone there we greatly appreciate all you do & what wonderful learning opportunities Lemonade Day provides. 

(Mikey’s mom)”

This made each and every person in the Lemonade Day office smile. Hearing that Mikey got so much out of Lemonade Day the first year that he couldn’t WAIT for next year, made his family partake in his newly re-thought business plan AND is only 5 years old is astounding. We sincerely thank Tiffany for sharing this personal story with us.

We also want to thank Mikey for sharing part of his Super-Aid profits with Lemonade Day! With donations like his, it insures that other children will have the same opportunity to participate in Lemonade Day and gain the same life lessons as Mikey.

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